English to Gujarati Meaning :: around

આસપાસની દરેક બાજુએ, ની આજુબાજુ ચોફરતું, દરેક બાજુએ, ચક્રાકારે, કુંડાળામાં, સર્વત્રચારે બાજુએ
Around :
- આસપાસ

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Adverb(1) in the area or vicinity(2) by a circular or circuitous route(3) used of movement to or among many different places or in no particular direction, or about(4) in a circle or circular motion(5) (of quantities(6) in or to a reversed position or direction(7) to a particular destination either specified or understood(8) all around or on all sides, or about(9) in circumference(10) from beginning to end; throughout

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(1) A scheduled tour around the county was organised prior to the elderly guest's visit.(2) The bus will also serve Kirkwall, doing a route around the town between each trip to Stromness.(3) I'll be around shortly(4) He went in at the Hyde Park Corner gate and manoeuvred around the carriages and riders.(5) he walked around the airfield(6) his life revolves around drinking(7) she was messing around with a computer(8) They where commenting on how much more the area around had become very shabby.(9) She turned around and pointed in the direction of what looked like a little office.(10) I really had to resist the urge to loop an arm around his waist and rest my head on his chest.(11) around the corner(12) I'll be around for a while(13) Lucas was adamant about having a nice, reliable car for us to drive the baby around in.(14) she took a look around the place(15) Now it is done in a centrifuge, which whirls the milk around rapidly in a circular vessel.(16) She felt an arm around her shoulder and she leaned on him as they walked to her class.
Related Words
1. on every side ::
દરેક બાજુ પર
3. nearby ::
4. about ::
5. approximately ::
6. round ::
7. on all sides of ::
બધી બાજુઓ પર
8. about ::
9. approximately ::
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