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તારીખ, ખજૂરમુકરર સમયે ગોઠવેલી મુલાકાત, દિનાંક, તિથિ, પ્રસંગનો ઘટનાકાળ મુકરર કરવો
Date :
- તારીખક્રઅનંતતારીખડેટિંગ

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Noun(1) the specified day of the month(2) a participant in a date(3) a meeting arranged in advance(4) the present(5) the particular day, month, or year (usually according to the Gregorian calendar(6) a particular day specified as the time something happens(7) sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed
Verb(1) go on a date with(2) stamp with a date(3) assign a date to; determine the (probable(4) date regularly; have a steady relationship with(5) provide with a dateline; mark with a date

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(1) Paper will be provided so children should bring their colours, two euros for the entrance fee and should know their date of birth.(2) I hear that you're going on a date with your hot step brother and we can discuss every little thing that happened.(3) If they're not strangers, they may be somebody that a woman meets on a date .(4) our next big date is my sister's wedding(5) what's the date today?(6) they made a lunch date(7) the work was carried out on some date in the twentieth century(8) It took a couple more chance meetings before he actually asked me on a date , but he did and that was 7 years ago.(9) the church is the largest of its date(10) No, I'm off to see the fabulous Die So Fluid on their final date of their current tour.(11) there's no date on this letter(12) why was it not done at an earlier date?(13) But Mo did once go out on a date with someone who chatted her up in a pub - and she's been living with him for seven years.(14) 1066 is the most famous date in English history(15) I recently obtained a copy of my birth certificate, and it shows my date of birth as the sixth of the month.(16) On her American identity card, the date of birth entered was September 30, 1920.
Related Words
(1) date of birth ::
જન્મ તારીખ
1. day ::
2. age ::
3. appointment ::
4. partner ::
5. escort ::
6. engagement ::
7. assign a date to ::
તારીખ સોંપી
8. was made in ::
માં કરવામાં આવ્યું
9. become old-fashioned ::
જૂની ફેશનના બની
10. go out with ::
સાથે બહાર જાય છે
11. go out ::
બહાર જાઓ
12. date stamp ::
તારીખ સ્ટેમ્પ
Different Forms
date, dated, dateless, dates, dating, postdate, postdates, predate, predates
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