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ભાંગી ગયેલો ટુકડો, ભાંગી ગયેલો ભાગકકડો
Fragment :
- ટુકડોફ્રેગમેન્ટવિભાગોટુકડાઓ

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Noun(1) a piece broken off or cut off of something else(2) a broken piece of a brittle artifact(3) an incomplete piece
Verb(1) break or cause to break into pieces

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(1) Every fact is valuable, like a fragment of pottery to an archaeologist.(2) Then you notice, down at the bottom and off to the side, a fragment of a temporary wooden fence, broken and collapsing.(3) Remember: what you see here is a tiny fragment of people's lives, the portion they choose to share, and it's often very different to the full picture.(4) The arguments of both are based on the fragment of an ancient text, preserved by accident in a remote province.(5) There, I just shared a fragment of my unfortunate life in front of strangers.(6) Well probably not by itself, but it is part of a change in media consumption that we need to keep an eye on, because the media environment and the way that people can consume media is fragmenting rapidly.(7) Even today visitors can scour the area and come up with fragments of dinosaur eggshell or fossilized bone shards of Protoceratops.(8) What this beast of crime is doing to us is further fragmenting the fabric of our society.(9) The fossiliferous ledge overlies a thin, resistant, phosphatic sandstone containing fragmental orbiculoid brachiopods and fish teeth, typical components of the Meade Peak Member of the Phosphoria Formation.(10) And there is no documentary evidence that we will improve the quality of Government by fragmenting it and scattering it across the countryside, he said.(11) I'd given them the pieces, the fragments of knowledge, and they'd put them together to build that.(12) Scattered all about it there are fragments of broken shells to tell the tale of careful hunting.(13) Previous workers considered the fine-grained red bed strata (called red RAT) as Lower Roan rocks thrust from the south, and the associated fragmental rocks as tectonic friction breccias.(14) I like fragments of writing and particularly enjoyed this piece.(15) Besides ruins of wooden buildings, archeologists have found fragments of ceramic pottery.(16) These mountain ranges attest to the violence of meteoroids; almost all the samples brought back from them are either greatly deformed or are part of complex fragmental mixtures of rock called breccias.
Related Words
(1) sentence fragment ::
સજા ટુકડો
1. piece ::
2. snatch ::
3. sherd ::
5. fragmentize ::
Different Forms
fragment, fragmented, fragmenting, fragments
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