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Holler :
- hollerholleredholleringહોલ્રર

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Noun(1) a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal(2) a small valley between mountains
Verb(1) shout out(2) utter a sudden loud cry(3) complain

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(1) After nearly twenty minutes of this pointless and boring (and, in some cases, untruthful) jabber, the coach blew four quick whistle blasts and gave a long, loud holler .(2) So we pound our stake in the ground of the side we've chosen, put out our sign and shout and holler with the rest.(3) Meeting is better than hollering at each other through the media.(4) The soldiers were shouting and whooping and hollering .(5) We alternated between hollering at him and repeating everything five times.(6) Whoops and hollers of ÔÇÿYes, I made it ÔÇÿare greeted with shouts of encouragement from family and friends.ÔÇÖ(7) The speakers hollered over the excited crowd from a balcony above the plaza.(8) He starts hollering about how this is none of my business.(9) The patrol called for backup, entered the campus and hollered for the fellow to come down.(10) The audience seemed to eat up this type of rock, and the band received hoots and hollers by set's end.(11) From the raw materials of work songs and field hollers , a new form emerged: African-American in the truest sense of the term.(12) But, nonetheless, to be here tonight in Salt Lake City and to hear the shrieks and hollers of the crowd was a fantastic experience.(13) When the song ends and the hoots and hollers die down, Darren asks the crowd: ÔÇÿWhat do you want?ÔÇÖ(14) The Blues is an original art form created by Black Americans that evolved out of Black American work songs, field hollers , spirituals and early string band sounds more than a century ago during slavery.(15) Amplified harmonica, foot thumping guitar and screechy blues hollers and shouts are immediately distinctive, taking you back to an era before blues turned slick.(16) Choruses of whoops and hollers rippled across the crowd, starting with one person or one group and quickly spreading out to the thousands that packed the streets farther than the eye could see.
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Different Forms
holler, hollered, hollering, hollers
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