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શૃંગાશ્વ, ઘોડાનું શરીર અને કપાળ પર એક લાંબા સીધા શિંગડાવાળું કલ્પિત પ્રાણી
Unicorn :
- શૃંગાશ્વunicorns

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Noun(1) an imaginary creature represented as a white horse with a long horn growing from its forehead

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(1) The daughter responded trying hard not to stare at the ornate configuration which resembled the horn of a unicorn .(2) Does anyone know where to find a unicorn 's horn?(3) She outstretches her hand, while the unicorn lowers her horn.(4) The golden unicorn was on his feet, and his eyes suddenly had a spark lit up inside of recognition.(5) The patch at the very middle of his head, protruding like a unicorn 's horn, is dyed a wicked shade of platinum silver.(6) The heraldic artist reconstructed this accurate description as the beautiful unicorn .(7) I suddenly noticed the unicorn sitting a few feet away.(8) The unicorn bent his horn, and pointed it at Dana and Susie.(9) The pistol of the gun was spiraled and gold, resembling the fantastical unicorn 's horn.(10) A panorama of the Houses of Parliament is sculpted in silver and 24-carat gold, along with the lion and unicorn from the royal standard.(11) she drove in her unicorn to Oakly-park(12) For a few seconds, a soft white wisp so brilliant that it hurt to look at shimmered in that spot, then slowly took the form of a large unicorn with a silver horn so bright that seemed to glow.(13) But the lion and the unicorn soon had unwelcome company.(14) The magical creatures and figures we will look at more closely are the griffin, the unicorn , the phoenix, the stag, the centaur, the hippogriff, and the red lion.(15) When the light died down I saw I was touching a regular unicorn 's horn.(16) The four unicorns reared and dove off the side of the cliffs just as the dragon's claws closed on the ground where they had just been, leaving large rents in the rocky surface.
Related Words
(1) mythical unicorn ::
પૌરાણિક શૃંગાશ્વ
Different Forms
unicorn, unicorns
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