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માં કે અંદર હોવું, માં સમાવવું, મર્યાદિત ક્ષેત્રમાં રોકી રાખવું, સંયમમાં રાખવું, ધારણ કરવુંસમાવેશ કરવો
Contain :
- સમાવેcontainableસમાયેલસમાવતીસમાવેશ

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Verb(1) include or contain; have as a component(2) contain or hold; have within(3) lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits(4) be divisible by(5) be capable of holding or containing(6) hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of

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(1) My sister and I could barely contain ourselves, we thought it was so funny and ingenious.(2) he must contain his hatred(3) borscht can contain mainly beets or a number of vegetables(4) As the game progresses, a given cup can contain any number of beans, but the total number remains 48.(5) When I first saw this performed I could barely contain myself.(6) The challenge for them, therefore, has been to contain diversity and prevent conflict, while accepting change.(7) I was extremely excited, to the point that I could barely contain myself.(8) a reassuring statement on efforts to contain the disaster(9) He recommends companies adopt an anti-hoax policy to help contain the problem.(10) Mitochondria are minute structures vital to energy production within a cell that contain genes that are located outside a cell's nucleus, home to most of the cell's genes.(11) It wasn't that it grossed him out terribly, but he had heard so many mistletoe comments over the past week that he could barely contain himself.(12) I'm so proud in so many ways right now I can barely contain myself.(13) she could barely contain her grief(14) they weren't able contain the enemy(15) The Scottish farms were being kept under close observation by vets who have spearheaded the monitoring operation to contain the rapidly spreading disease.(16) the government has already taken steps to contain the disease
Related Words
(1) contain ::
1. include ::
સમાવેશ થાય છે
2. hold ::
પકડી રાખવું
3. restrain ::
નિયંત્રણમાં રાખવું
4. hold back ::
પાછા પકડી
5. control ::
6. take ::
7. incorporate ::
8. carry ::
1. exclude ::
2. omit ::
Different Forms
contain, containable, contained, containing, containment, contains
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