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વિશ્વાસ, વિશ્વાસુ, સોબતી
સોબતી, કો-ઓર્ડિનેટ, તુલનાત્મક, સાથી, જતી વીજ માગે, pursuivant, kamerad, OPPO

Compeer    :સોબતી


Compeer - સોબતી

Compeers :: compeers



1. peer :: પીઅર

2. equal :: સમાન

3. match :: મેચ

Different forms

compeer, compeers

English to Gujarati Dictionary: compeer
Meaning and definitions of compeer, translation in Gujarati language for compeer with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of compeer in Gujarati and in English language.

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What compeer means in Gujarati, compeer meaning in Gujarati, compeer definition, examples and pronunciation of compeer in Gujarati language.

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