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કરચલી, ફોલ્ડ, સંકોચાયેલ, લેપ, પાટલી ગૂંથવી, લહેર, કરચલીઓ પડવી કે પાડવી, વળાંક, કર્લ, frizz, ગૂંછળાંવાળા વાળ, નકામું, સંકોચો, ચીમળાઇ
સંકોચાયેલ, અપ ભાંગી પડવું

Crumple    :સંકોચાયેલ


Crumple - સંકોચાયેલ

Crumpled :: ચોળાયેલું

Crumples :: crumples

Crumpling :: crumpling


Related Words

1. crumple up :: અપ ભાંગી પડવું


1. crush :: વાટવું

2. crease :: કરચલી

3. collapse :: પતન

4. rumple :: ચૂંથવું

5. buckle :: બકલ

6. break down :: તોડી


1. smooth :: સરળ

Different forms

crumple, crumpled, crumples, crumpling

English to Gujarati Dictionary: crumple
Meaning and definitions of crumple, translation in Gujarati language for crumple with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of crumple in Gujarati and in English language.

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What crumple means in Gujarati, crumple meaning in Gujarati, crumple definition, examples and pronunciation of crumple in Gujarati language.

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