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જડતા, પાર્થિવ અસ્તિત્વ, મૂર્ખતા, કમજોરી, નપુંસકતા, અજ્ઞાન, મૂર્ખાઈ, મૂર્ખામીની, foolery, inactiveness, સુસ્તી, ઘેન
amentia, કમજોરી

Imbecility    :કમજોરી


Imbecility - કમજોરી

Imbecilities :: imbecilities


1. stupidity :: મૂર્ખતા

2. folly :: મૂર્ખાઈ

3. foolishness :: નાદાની


1. sanity :: સેનીટી

2. sapience :: વિવેકબુદ્ધિ

3. wisdom :: શાણપણ

Different forms

imbecilities, imbecility

English to Gujarati Dictionary: imbecility
Meaning and definitions of imbecility, translation in Gujarati language for imbecility with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of imbecility in Gujarati and in English language.

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What imbecility means in Gujarati, imbecility meaning in Gujarati, imbecility definition, examples and pronunciation of imbecility in Gujarati language.

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