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Miasma    :miasma


Miasma - miasma

Miasmas :: miasmas



1. stink :: સ્ટિંક

2. reek :: બહાર કાઢવું

3. stench :: દુર્ગંધ

4. fetor :: fetor

5. smell :: ગંધ

6. fume :: ફ્યુમ

7. odor :: ગંધ

8. whiff :: ધુમાડાનો ગોટો

9. gas ::

10. cloud :: વાદળ

11. smog :: ધુમ્મસની

12. vapor :: બાષ્પ

Different forms

miasma, miasmas

English to Gujarati Dictionary: miasma
Meaning and definitions of miasma, translation in Gujarati language for miasma with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of miasma in Gujarati and in English language.

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What miasma means in Gujarati, miasma meaning in Gujarati, miasma definition, examples and pronunciation of miasma in Gujarati language.

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