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આત્મહત્યા, અકુદરતી મૃત્યુ, સ્વ હત્યા, સ્વ વિનાશ, સ્વ સર્વનાશ

Suicide    :આત્મહત્યા


Suicide - આત્મહત્યા

Suicides :: આત્મહત્યા


Related Words

1. commit suicide :: આત્મહત્યા


1. self-destruction :: સ્વ વિનાશ

2. felo-de-se :: felo-દ-સે

Different forms

suicide, suicides

English to Gujarati Dictionary: suicide
Meaning and definitions of suicide, translation in Gujarati language for suicide with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of suicide in Gujarati and in English language.

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What suicide means in Gujarati, suicide meaning in Gujarati, suicide definition, examples and pronunciation of suicide in Gujarati language.

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