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આલિંગન દેવું, સજ્જડ રીતે જોરથી પકડવું, પિન વડે એકસાથે જોડવું કે રાખવું, ચોમેરથી ઘેરી લેવું કે વીંટળાઈ વળવું, વસ્તુને એકસાથે પકડી રાખવાનું સાધન કે કણ, કાપવું અથવા ટૂંકું કરવું
Clip :
- ક્લિપક્લિપ્સ

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Noun(1) a metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun(2) an instance or single occasion for some event(3) any of various small fasteners used to hold loose articles together(4) an article of jewelry that can be clipped onto a hat or dress(5) the act of clipping or snipping(6) a sharp slanting blow
Verb(1) sever or remove by pinching or snipping(2) run at a moderately swift pace(3) attach with a clip(4) cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of(5) terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end or its full extent

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(1) Before applying a film dressing clip excess hair around the wound site, if desired or per facility protocol, to ensure proper adhesion.(2) He handed me several sheets of paper, loosely held together by a paper clip .(3) Her blonde ringlets were pulled back, fastened with a diamond clip , like Pamela's the night before.(4) I'm all for realism in gaming; nobody should be able to fire off a full clip from an automatic weapon and only make one hole.(5) Tie a metal paper clip to the end of the string to weigh it down.(6) Collect and clip photographs of kitchens or bathrooms that appeal to you.(7) Brodde proffers me a few tenuous looking evergreen straps with a metal clip attached to them.(8) Magazine sizes vary from a few shots to up to 99 rounds, with the AI providing automatic reloads whenever a clip is expended.(9) Actually, that's not even reason enough to clip a coupon.(10) The racehorse continued at a dazzling clip , storming through a half-mile in a sizzling: 43.34.(11) The usual scam is to clip photographs from magazines and sell enlargements of them.(12) a gilt clip fastened her hair(13) he drew two fifties from his golden clip(14) He replaced the empty clip in his rifle and handed his 1911 to Ideh as he passed.(15) With more companies now looking to hire, workers are seeing their pay rise at a rapid clip .(16) Once there was a golden era when all crime was prevented by a clip round the ear from a stern but avuncular local policeman.
Related Words
(1) paper clip ::
કાગળ ને બાંધી રાખવા માટે નું નાનું સાધન
2. brooch ::
પોશાકની શોભાપ્રદ પિન
3. magazine ::
5. extract ::
6. smack ::
7. speed ::
8. snip ::
9. time ::
10. cartridge clip ::
કારતુસને મોઢેથી તોડીને ક્લિપ
11. fasten ::
જોડવું કે સંલગ્નિત
13. remove ::
14. hit ::
15. snip ::
16. cut short ::
17. trot ::
Different Forms
clip, clips
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