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Ionosphere - (આયોનોસ્ફીયરની) :: In 1931 he gave the Royal Society Bakerian lecture which was a classic in which he developed the now standard layer theory for the lower ionosphere

Shelter - (આશ્રય) :: The wall is paved by bricks and filled with earth and during war time it served to shelter people in the town from disaster

Umbrella - (છત્ર) :: umbrella name


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Ceremony - (સમારોહ) :: Behind all the pomp and ceremony of Louis XIVs court the ancien regime was rotting

Certain - (ચોક્કસ) :: A vote on this issue was withdrawn last week as it was certain to be defeated

Certainly - (ચોક્કસપણે) :: Certainly madam he replied

Certificate - (પ્રમાણપત્ર) :: The cause of death is not on the certificate but we will be told early this week

Chain - (સાંકળ) :: And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the worlds longest supply chain


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Tumult - (રમખાણ) :: It would be unfair to bring another person into the tumults of my existence

Turpitude - (ભ્રષ્ટતા) :: The journalist responsible for the article was put on trial in Argentina and accused of moral turpitude

Tutelary - (રક્ષણ આપનારું) :: The imagery of a tutelary god and the concern with concrete blessings that are so central in religious practices in China have been and still are fashioning Xuweis and many other Chinese congregants understanding of Christianity

Tyro - (શિખાઉ) :: The First Film Foundation an organisation dedicated to helping tyros on to celluloid has collated all the addresses and phone numbers youre likely to need into a single volume edited by Andrea Cornwell

Ubiquitous - (સર્વવ્યાપક) :: The electric guitar has become a ubiquitous presence in virtually all forms of popular music


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Strophe (strophe) :: Syllabic verse is generally organized in fourline strophes whereas the number of lines in a rosc passage is not fixed

Description (વર્ણન) :: On the tube yesterday travellers of every description could be heard auditing their families

Verification (ચકાસણી) :: ESA have authorised the shipment to the Kennedy Space Center for the remaining part of the verifications and checkout tests

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