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Highlight - (હાઇલાઇટ) :: I won many tournaments during the early 80s but my equal first at the 1981 US Open was the highlight for that period

Sultry - (કામોત્તેજક) :: One fears for other encounters between the police and individuals in crisis in the coming hot and sultry summer weather

Toenail - (toenail) :: The infection is more likely in toenails than in fingernails

Tuft - (લટ) :: The childs skin was a dusky brown and tufts of darker hair were just beginning to grow

Frown - (ભવાં ચડાવવા) :: Harrys face bent into a frown of mock disapproval


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Deny - (નામંજૂર) :: Sending people to casualty and denying people access to shelters was and is and will always be the domain of the political directorate

Department - (વિભાગ) :: I never thought of myself as above average in the looks department

Departure - (પ્રસ્થાન) :: Of course this means a radical departure from current planning processes

Depend - (આધાર) :: Whether bank regulators are accountable depends partly also on the general law

Deposit - (થાપણ) :: He mumbles an unheard oneliner about losing his damage deposit as he wrenches the door of the moving car open and dives inelegantly inside


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Quibble - (ગલ્લાંતલ્લાં) :: A gaggle of quibblers complain that chickens do fly albeit short distances

Quintessential - (પ્રશિષ્ટ) :: Thus though something of a rebel in British academic society he was also quintessentially British

Quirk - (બોલવા કરવામાં નીકળી જવાની યુકિત) :: Leya nodded absently staring at the photographs her lips quirking into a smirk

Quisling - (પોતાના દેશ પર ચડાઇ કરનાર શત્રુને સાથ આપનાર દેશદ્રોહી માણસ) :: Genuine democratic and social renewal within the Balkans can never take place under the political tutelage of the Western powers and their local quislings

Quixotic - (ધૂની) :: Im hoping quixotically I suppose for the plans defeat


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Copulative (ઉભયાન્વયી) :: A bed attachment and piece of furniture device is suitable for use generally and copulatively by an arm amputee or other handicapped individual who has lost effective use of one or both arms

Acquiesce (મૂક સંમતિ આપવી) :: Are they silently acquiescing to the policies of a government that is as mean as Scrooge

Demand (માંગ) :: Children are maturing quicker than before and there are increasing demands on todays young parents

Draught (ડ્રાફ્ટ) :: He soon had a rough draft of a manuscript about how an antibody might be formed and the physicalchemical basis of its specific reaction with antigen

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Verb :: નામંજૂર
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