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Vandal - (તોડફોડ) :: The couple believe vandals deliberately dropped the heavy panel on to their car from a bridge

Vandalism - (જંગલીપણું) :: Once the floor had caved in it was vandalistically shored up by rusty scaffold and girders by the Council

Hacker - (હેકર) :: While some home users hackers and hobbyists have switched to Linux or other Open Source software businesses seem to have been more cautious

Complicity - (ભાગીદારી) :: In both cases failures would not justify an investigation into malfeasance or complicity

Police - (પોલીસ) :: If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant they just seize whatever is relevant


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Talk - (ચર્ચા) :: There are many wounded and witnesses have described seeing bodies although there has been no talk of fatalities yet

Tall - (ઊંચા) :: He saw a tall willow tree and decided to rest in its shade

Tank - (ટાંકી) :: You can tell that the underwater shots are filmed behind a tank of aquarium fish plastic plants and all

Tap - (નળ) :: When you turn on the tap unfiltered water flows through the faucet head at a fullpressure flow as with any conventional faucet

Tape - (ટેપ) :: When we were first married I would tape them to the fridge door on scraps torn out of a spiral bound notebook


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Arcane - (Arcane) :: Records were denied airplay for the most arcane reasons imaginable

Archaic - (પ્રાચીન) :: Most of the diseases she did not know and she began to lose hope since most of the writing was ancient and archaic

Archetype - (નમૂનારૂપ) :: Thoth as the earlier archetype of Hermes and subsequently Mercury was a potent force in the Egyptian pantheon

Arduous - (કઠણ) :: Her latest solo record bid is probably the most hazardous and arduous challenge that she has faced


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Bandeau (bandeau) :: I dont want to sound like a character in Ab Fab who wants to give it all up and bang tambourines with a bandeau but thats pretty much how I feel at the moment

Halve (અડધી) :: The company will take a 550m exceptional charge this year and its final dividend will be halved to 78p

Gypsum (જિપ્સમ) :: Mineral resources include phosphates salt and gypsum and manufacturing industry includes textiles cement and chemicals

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Adjective :: વિશિષ્ટ, ગુપ્ત, ગહન, દુર્ગમ, ચળકતા, છુપાયેલા, અપ્રગટ, નેપથ્ય, રહસ્યમય, ખાનગી, , મિસ્ટિક, રહસ્યવાદી
Meaning :: વિશિષ્ટ
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