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Sheet - (શીટ) :: Use permanent markers to avoid smudging and place a sheet of ruled paper underneath so that the writing is evenly spaced

Stock - (સ્ટોક) :: Rather than dumping its stock of surplus Jeeps into Manila Bay the American authorities released them to civilians

Even - (પણ) :: Since you play in hands of five you must eliminate two cards from the deck to have an even number of ten hands

Niche - (વિશિષ્ટ) :: Obviously Fletcher has a knack for creating a useful product that fits a niche in the market


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Fifth - (પાંચમી) :: Pearl taught school for forty years usually fifth grade

Fifty - (પચાસ) :: At a time when there are a lot of houses unoccupied in the Killarney urban area there is massive speculation with some companies and individuals owning anything from five to fifty houses

Fight - (લડાઈ) :: Governments must fight corruption respect basic human rights and embrace the rule of law

Figure - (આંકડો) :: A dark figure emerged from one side of the street and another from the other side

File - (ફાઈલ) :: to file the edge smooth


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Objective - (હેતુ) :: A 4500 payment in compensation is a big enough deterrent we believe to achieve our main objective of discouraging illegal filesharing

Obligate - (અહેસાન) :: Many times this requires an interpreter for whom the physician is obligated to pay

Oblique - (ત્રાંસુ) :: He was expected to miss camp time with a strained oblique muscle which didnt help his chances of making the roster

Obliterate - (છેકી નાખો) :: Napalm was used widely against civilians and most major cities were obliterated

Oblivious - (તાકી) :: This government is just as oblivious to the suffering of Bahamians as ever before


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Subject (વિષય) :: The issue of gated communities has been a subject of intense public debate and litigation in recent months

Agriculture (કૃષિ) :: All are based on the food and agriculture industries both vital to the Irish economy

Province (પ્રાંત) :: Incidentally alderman is an ancient title of rank dating back beyond the Norman Conquest indicating someone ruling a province or district

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Adjective :: અતિશય, બાધ્યતા, ઓળંગી, અનુચિત, પર, બેહદ, અસંગત, વિષમ, નબળો, અનાડી, પ્રતિકૂળ, ગેરવાજબી, અતાર્કિક, વાહિયાત, ધરાવતી
Meaning :: અનુચિત,
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