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Currency - (ચલણ) :: currency control

Chain - (સાંકળ) :: And the Rayong plant may have the distinction of operating the worlds longest supply chain

Florist - (ફ્લોરિસ્ટ) :: Among the services offered was a lifetime contract for fresh flowers on the graves which Parker promised to arrange with a local florists

Haggle - (haggle) :: I have a bus to catch in five minutes and I cant waste my time haggling with you


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Prevent - (અટકાવવા) :: Worsening eyesight prevents her from seeing the screen easily and lately she has been reading with the aid of a magnifying glass

Previous - (અગાઉના) :: look at the previous page

Price - (કિંમત) :: a wide selection of tools varying in price

Pride - (ગર્વ) :: Everyone in this facility yields to the seven deadly sins especially pride and vanity

Priest - (પાદરી) :: Finished coracles are also delivered complete with a handcrafted priest or knocker used to humanely kill caught fish as a reminder that you are purchasing a historical fishing craft rather than a recreational toy


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Sedulous - (પરિશ્રમી) :: Clearly in light of the comments throughout the element of confidentiality is essential to the maintenance of the relationship and is one which the community wishes to sedulously foster

Seine - (સેઈનેના) :: DFO has given a commercial licence to herring seiners off Chebucto Head


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Tormentor (દુ: ખ દેનાર) ::

Career (કારકિર્દી) :: You decide to take on new opportunities that enhance your career

Batiste (સુતરાઉ) :: Rolledhem feet are designed for fine to mediumweight fabrics such as cotton batiste broadcloth and handkerchief linen

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