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Paramedic - (તબીબી) :: The man was later carried out by police and paramedics put on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to hospital

Polio - (પોલિયો) :: The tactical application of immunization is the only way to eradicate polio

Scalpel - (શસ્ત્રવૈધની નાની છરી) :: Comparison of the UK rate of spinal surgery with that in other countries shows that UK surgeons are not sharpening their scalpels to the ringing of cash tills

Fast - (ઝડપી) :: It is a fast snappy moving show with short scenes and little time for scene changes during the blackouts

Paranoia - (પેરાનોઇયા) :: Setting aside suspicion and paranoia surely highways officials must have a plan for the future of this area


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Infect - (સંક્રમિત) :: Somewhat reassured the group try to settle down to enjoy the rest of their vacation unaware that the diseased mans body is face down in the reservoir infecting their water supply

Infection - (ચેપ) :: In children the major causes of anemia are dietary iron deficiency and infection

Infectious - (ચેપી) :: Clean bathroom surfaces also help prevent the spread of infectious germs

Influence - (પ્રભાવ) :: She has now attained a position of influence and status with the means to carry out her plans of revenge


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Plaintiff - (વાદીઓને) :: The plaintiffs engaged the defendants as their solicitors to act for them

Plaque - (તકતી) :: This involves a thorough clean and polish of the teeth to remove the sticky plaque that can build up


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Duplication (ડુપ્લિકેશન) :: I know that the thought of extra spending and unnecessary duplication of phone number listings might grate on the minds of those tasked with making sure dollars are spent right

Rumour (અફવા) :: There the matter ended and six months passed without any further published stories or rumours

Twice (બે વાર) :: Two students who went to her aid were shot one in the leg the other twice in the stomach

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Noun :: રજા, દિવસ બંધ, ફિયેસ્ટા, , તહેવાર, સમય, ભાગ, ગાલા, ઉત્સવ દિવસ, ઉત્સવ
Adjective :: સન્ની, જીવંત, , તહેવારોની, હાર્દિક, રજા
Meaning :: રજા
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