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Bootleg - (ગેરકાયદે) :: This double CD of Ian Hunters latest tour of Britain in support of his latest official release the critically acclaimed Rant is a bootleg recording

Jailer - (જેલર) :: After a deeply traumatic childhood where his father left him to rot in Newgate prison Sweeney takes violent revenge against the gaoler who tormented him in prison

Jailhouse - (jailhouse) :: CompuDyne also supplies security and specialty engineering and telecom products to the military and intelligence agencies electronic security products for prisons and allsteel jailhouses

Retribution - (પ્રતિશોધ) :: The consequences of ignoring these selfregulatory practices is to suffer the officials ire and retribution


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Intelligent - (બુદ્ધિશાળી) :: There appear to be intelligent arguments both for and against this plan

Intend - (ઇરાદો) :: He had agreed to supply wire to cut the prison bars but said he never intended the plan to be put into effect and believed that it could not possibly succeed

Intended - (ઈરાદો) :: This is a position taken by some feminist writers who have argued that only research on women that is intendedly for women will be consistent with the wider political needs of women

Intention - (હેતુ) :: She tried very hard to keep to the spirit of the Buddhas teachings and maintain purity of intention

Interest - (વ્યાજ) :: they took little interest in education


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Intemperate - (દારૂડિયો) :: What motivates liberals to launch their increasingly wild and intemperate assaults on conservatives is in most cases their fear and hatred of the religious right

Interminable - (અનંત) :: I anticipated interminable delays in taking our orders but I was wrong

Intermittent - (અટકી અટકીને) :: Last year the bollard hit the news again when it was plagued by intermittent mechanical problems and a new motor was fitted

Interregnum - (આંતરીક) :: The optimum time for the church to discuss the possible resignation of the pope would be during an interregnum after a popes death and before the cardinals elect his successor


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Unlearn (unlearn) :: The good news is that just as negative thinking styles are learned so can they be unlearned

Appendage (ઉપાંગ) :: I was astonished that shed found any boy to marry thinking anyone so foolish would be like her a flawed appendage to a decent family

Gesticulate (gesticulate) :: After a few minutes from the official side of the counter a Lady Officer moved forward and began gesticulating and shouting back

Vaporous (vaporous) ::

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Noun :: સ્થિતિસ્થાપકતા, શારીરિક કે માનસિક સ્થિતિસ્થાપકતા, વસંત, આપી, કિક
Meaning :: સ્થિતિસ્થાપકતા, ઝિપ, ઉલ્લાસ, એનિમેશન, ઉમંગ,
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