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Peregrine - (પરદેશી) :: And there are more raptors about falcons peregrines sparrowhawks

Louse - (જૂ) :: This could have been excellent and by far the best version of the game so its a shame they loused it up so badly

Barnacle - (નાળ) :: Then they asked were they fresh water barnacles or salt water barnacles


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Square - (ચોરસ) :: The revamp also aims to encourage people to stay in the city centre before and after a trip to the theatre or the Winter Gardens by making the square an attraction in its own right

Squeeze - (સ્ક્વિઝ) :: I tore each one limb from limb doused it with a squeeze of lemon and then a good dip in the butter

Stable - (સ્થિર) :: Radioactive atoms decay into stable atoms by a simple mathematical process

Staff - (સ્ટાફ) :: The only way Ive ever gotten a job is because I know somebody on the staff or the owner

Stage - (મંચ) :: Contrary to popular belief Houdini is not thought to have died on stage while performing his Water Torture Cell escape


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Ruse - (છટકું) :: Some authorities consider the term to have a wider application and to refer to any form of attack on the commanders mind and morale including psychological warfare electronic warfare ruses and deception

Saccharin - (સૅકરિન) :: The rats exhibited behavioral changes even when sugar was replaced with the artificial sweetener saccharin

Sacrosanct - (અબાદ્ય) :: Environmentalism has become a sacrosanct religion of which no questions can even be asked

Sagacious - (વિચક્ષણ) :: But the sagacious Kerry OBrien wellknown for his archival knowledge in such matters did advise that there was some debate about the most reliable sources for evidence about the Australian frontier

Sage - (ઋષિ) :: There is nothing better than having fresh herbs on hand for cooking and marjoram thyme sage chives rosemary parsley and basil will all thrive on a windowsill


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Strength (તાકાત) :: Our strength is knowing about complex planning laws

Overleaf (પાનાની પાછળ) :: an information sheet is printed overleaf

Snooker (સ્નૂકર) :: Hunter put Stevens in a snooker on the yellow and the Welshman attempted a daring escape through the narrowest of gaps

Slimy (પાતળા) :: She pulled her fist back and saw that it was covered in a slimy clear residue of some sort

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