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Pretzel - (પ્રેટ્ઝેલ) :: And I cant think of any better vehicle for crunchy grains of coarse salt than pretzels

Thyme - (થાઇમ) :: The air is sweetened by the thymy odours of mountain and moor

Bowl - (વાટકી) :: But the stadium is a bowl with two tiers all the way round and its kind of on top of you

Trifle - (નાનકડી રકમ) :: I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am

Banquet - (બેન્ક્વેટ) :: At the evening banquet Siya wore a tawnycoloured silk dress overlaid in gold muslin the scooped neckline and bell sleeves seams inlaid with pearls


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Accent - (ઉચ્ચાર) :: Certainly you can move away from a religious culture in which you were brought up in much the same way that one can change ones accent or mode of dress

Accept - (સ્વીકારી) :: he would accept their offer and see what happened

Acceptable - (સ્વીકાર્ય) :: It can look a little gauche to blog about some seemingly random scrap of nostalgia but if I link those memories to an anniversary then suddenly my blogpost has an acceptable reason to exist

Access - (ઍક્સેસ) :: These sections entitle everyone to have access to health care services provided by the state within its available resources

Accident - (અકસ્માત) :: Through the fortunate accident of having a tedious instructor I had gained a year


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Concatenate - (એકસાથે જોડવું) :: The program stores image streams in a single file concatenating each successive image onto the end of the file

Conciliate - (સુલેહ) :: Their function is to prepare the minds of the young to conciliate goodwill so that they will readily accept the prescriptions of the law

Concise - (સંક્ષિપ્ત) :: It is fantastic clear concise and just what you would need if you were visiting for the first time

Condescend - (અનુગ્રહ) :: We expect our television to debase us empty us and condescend to us


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Sleek (આકર્ષક) :: An alcoholic and suicidal ad executive finds himself in a dive where a sleek girl in yellow is the cynosure of all the rowdy dancers

Closet (ક્લોસેટ) :: But now their stormtrooper tactics have come out of the closet for all the world to see

Rendition (પ્રસ્તુતિ) :: I just sang a rousing rendition of Oh Canada

Sexagenarian (sexagenarian) :: Both men now sexagenarians have kept faithful to the classic styles

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Adjective :: ત્યજી, ડિઝર્ટ, જર્જરિત, છોડી દીધા, વિહોણું, ઘરબારવિહોણું, નધણિયાતો
Meaning :: જર્જરિત
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