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Sardine - (હેરિંગને મળતી એક નાની) :: Decent dietary sources of vitamin D to include in the diet include kippers mackerel sardines and salmon

Tapir - (તાપીર) :: The exhibit will highlight the jaguar but also will feature golden lion tamarins tapirs anteaters and other animals

Cuckoo - (કોયલ) :: Hed think that Im cuckoo and refuse to associate me anymore

Pod - (પોડ) :: We were also joined by a pod of dolphins audible for much of the dive but visible only at the end when they swam past

Clam - (છીપવાળી ખાદ્ય માછલી) :: The words stung and I forced my face into its normal smooth calm determined not to let her know that she could hurt me so easily


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Credit - (ક્રેડિટ) :: None of it would earn you a college credit from a mathematics department

Credit card - (ક્રેડીટ કાર્ડ) ::

Crime - (ગુનો) :: High treason was a crime against the state which meant in practice against the monarch

Criminal - (ગુનાહિત) :: The barrister also says that his actions could amount to conspiracy to commit criminal damage

Crisis - (કટોકટી) :: I also have a good job and salary which is enough to feed an entire family during the economic crisis


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Succinct - (સંક્ષિપ્ત) :: I relied on the contents of this letter as a succinct summary of the law


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Orthography (સાચી જોડણીને) :: The Third Part relates to grammar syntax orthography vowels and consonants

Pound (પાઉન્ડ) :: Using your pestle and mortar you want to pound the garlic with a little pinch of salt along with the basil leaves

Harsh (નિષ્ઠુર) :: His attempt to shout to the last row makes his voice unpleasantly harsh

Countess (કાઉન્ટેસ) :: I love going to court parties but they are rarely formal and are only for lesser barons and countesses not official Kings court balls

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