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Registrar - (રજિસ્ટ્રાર) :: When youve made your musical selection do run it past the officiating registrar to make sure that it is acceptable

Tape - (ટેપ) :: When we were first married I would tape them to the fridge door on scraps torn out of a spiral bound notebook

Dementia - (ઉન્માદ) :: People with dementia have a degenerative disease of the brain for which there is no cure

Anaemia - (એનિમિયા) :: Some medical conditions such as thyroid disease and anemia also can cause palpitations

Junkie - (સ્રાવ junkie) :: However Im a noise junky and a compulsive multitasker so the TVs on most of the time


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Thirty - (ત્રીસ) :: the thirty is missing

This - (આ) :: whats all this about a job

Thorough - (સંપૂર્ણ) :: His painstaking comprehensive and thorough work was distinguished by deep sensitivity and fresh insights

Thoroughly - (સંપૂર્ણપણે) :: This surprised him because he really wants to sell the house and felt he had prepared for the process quite thoroughly

Though - (છતાં) :: The trade though lucrative was quite separate from the rest of his thinking


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Erratic - (અનિયમિત) :: Just take for instance the erratic rain pattern that hit parts of the country in the last farming season

Erudition - (જ્ઞાન) :: he was known for his wit erudition and teaching skills

Eschew - (દૂર ભાગતા) :: He eschews the uniform of the boardroom boss preferring sports jackets and casual boots to the traditional Savile Row suit and handmade brogues

Esoteric - (ગુપ્ત) :: It means that you live in one place but exist in another esoteric imaginary plane unshackled by fact or memory


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Binary (દ્વિસંગી) :: But a neutron star in a close binary would be expected to radiate Xrays and none are seen

Cashew (કાજુ) :: The bulk section was easy four different choices of cashew nut priced by the kilo

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