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આળસુક્ષુલ્લક, પ્રમાદી, નવરું, અપ્રવૃત્ત, મિથ્યા નિરુપયોગી, ક્ષુદ્ર
Idle :
- નિષ્ક્રિયidledઆળસidlesકામ કરતું ન

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Noun(1) the state of an engine or other mechanism that is idling
Verb(1) run disconnected or idle(2) be idle; exist in a changeless situation
Adjective(1) not in action or at work(2) without a basis in reason or fact(3) not in active use(4) silly or trivial(5) lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility(6) not yielding a return(7) not having a job

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(1) Only fifteen women, a smaller percentage than that of men, reported that they were idle or had no occupation.(2) Again it is convenient to think that these are just idle threats and that the lives of lawyers are not at risk.(3) But the audience is thinning these days and Yadagiri says he is idle more than six months a year.(4) In an idle moment I went into one of the shops and let the staff demonstrate the miracle to me.(5) As an early principal she was scarcely idle , and that was the way she wanted it.(6) Power-management systems that put idle machines and monitors to sleep have also had an effect.(7) The unit in Castlebar is currently standing idle .(8) Alternatively, it can be switched on when the engine is idle , to heat the car interior.(9) The larger of the two, Arlen, comes across as an insecure bully, flaunting his juvenile snake tattoo and badgering Muldrow with idle threats.(10) In the case of part-time employees, machinery in the respondent's clothing factory laid idle .(11) But establishing aviation records was one thing - an idle factory was another.(12) Not one to rest idle , the success of Fat Bastard has inspired Guy Anderson to take his concept to Spain.(13) These students, bored and idle , may turn to making trouble to gain attention and keep interested in what's happening around them.(14) Give an imaginative type an idle moment and suddenly everyone's some strange offshoot of the human race.(15) In this way, I can use the few idle moments when my computer is printing or saving a file to memorize a correspondence or two.(16) The machines are sitting idle with the ground so wet they cannot work.
Related Words
(1) idle time ::
નિષ્ક્રિય સમય
1. lazy ::
2. unemployed ::
3. inactive ::
4. unoccupied ::
કબજા વગરની
5. frivolous ::
6. empty ::
7. dead ::
8. wild ::
9. light ::
10. jobless ::
11. unused ::
નહિં વપરાયેલ
12. loose ::
14. run in neutral ::
તટસ્થ ચલાવવા
15. tick over ::
ઉપર ટિક
16. slug ::
1. active ::
2. alive ::
3. busy ::
4. going ::
5. living ::
જેમાં વસવાટ કરો છો
6. on ::
7. running ::
8. working ::
Different Forms
idle, idled, idleness, idles, idling
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