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એકડા પર 24 મીંડાં ચડાવવાથી બનતી અતિશય મોટી સંખ્યા
Quadrillion :
- ક્વૉડ્રિલ્યનquadrillions

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Noun(1) the number that is represented as a one followed by 24 zeros(2) the number that is represented as a one followed by 15 zeros

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(1) A UK quadrillion would be one followed by 24 zeroes.(2) I'm sure they'd have fancy statistics saying that this added up to a quadrillion dollars in lost revenue.(3) One child is killed for about every two quadrillion passenger-miles.(4) IBM's new supercomputer, Blue Gene, may do close to one quadrillion multiplications per second.(5) The U.S. today consumes about 100 quads - 100 quadrillion BTUs - of raw thermal energy per year.(6) The whole financial engineering industry is today a market with a notional value of approximately $1 quadrillion .(7) Check out the table that shows the amount of energy that comes from different sources as measured in quadrillion BTUs.(8) By comparison, on a sunny day the human eye is flooded by about 10 quadrillion photons per second.(9) The last time I checked, one of them was 22 quadrillion .(10) If it makes a quadrillion , should Jones be proud?(11) Electricity accounts for 39% of that, or about 160 quadrillion BTUs.(12) Thetans have been compulsively recording intergalactic history for several quadrillion years.(13) The U.S. transportation sector currently consumes 38 quadrillion BTU's of energy annually.(14) Moving in association with this dust are an estimated 2 quadrillion microorganisms.(15) It now stands at a quarter of a quadrillion dollars and is increasing at an accelerating pace.(16) Each of them had been coated with quadrillions of luminescent particles.
1. quadrillion ::
Different Forms
quadrillion, quadrillions
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