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શરૂઆત, લૉન્ચ, આરંભ, ઉદઘાટન, શરૂઆતમાં, આગામી, મૂળ, રુટ, સ્ત્રોત, જન્મ, સવારે, પ્રારંભ
પ્રારંભિક, શરૂઆત

Beginning    :શરૂઆત


Beginning - શરૂઆત


Related Words

1. begin :: શરૂઆત


1. dawn :: પરોઢ

2. opening :: ઉદઘાટન

3. origin :: મૂળ

4. rootage :: rootage

5. start :: શરૂઆત


6. first :: પ્રથમ


7. start :: શરૂઆત

8. open :: ઓપન

9. appear :: દેખાય

English to Gujarati Dictionary: beginning
Meaning and definitions of beginning, translation in Gujarati language for beginning with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of beginning in Gujarati and in English language.

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What beginning means in Gujarati, beginning meaning in Gujarati, beginning definition, examples and pronunciation of beginning in Gujarati language.

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