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જન્મ, જીવન, બેરિંગ, જન્મનું, પિતૃત્વ, ઉત્પત્તિ, ઉત્પાદન, સંવર્ધન, ડિલિવરી, સુવાવડ, પેદા, ઊપજ, મૂળ, ઘટના

Birth    :જન્મ


Birth - જન્મ

Birthed :: birthed

Birthing :: birthing

Births :: જન્મો


Related Words

1. date of birth :: જન્મ તારીખ


1. childbirth :: બાળજન્મ

2. beginning(s) ::

3. ancestry :: કુળ

4. giving birth :: જન્મ આપવો

5. parentage :: પિતૃત્વ

6. nativity :: જન્મનું


7. give birth :: જન્મ આપી


1. issue :: મુદ્દો

2. posterity :: વંશજો

3. progeny :: સંતતિ

4. seed :: બીજ

Different forms

birth, birthed, birthing, births

English to Gujarati Dictionary: birth
Meaning and definitions of birth, translation in Gujarati language for birth with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of birth in Gujarati and in English language.

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What birth means in Gujarati, birth meaning in Gujarati, birth definition, examples and pronunciation of birth in Gujarati language.

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