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બાળક, બેબ, શિશુ, તદ્, સંતાન, બીજ, સંતતિ, કુટુંબનું સંતાન, પેઢી, છોકરો, યુવાન, બ્રાહ્મણને, ભોટ, પુત્ર

Child    :બાળક


Child - બાળક

Childhood :: બાળપણ

Childhoods :: childhoods

Childish :: બાલિશ

Childless :: નિઃસંતાન

Childlike :: બાળબુદ્ધિ


Related Words

1. only child :: માત્ર બાળક


1. youngster :: યુવાન

2. fry :: તળવું

3. kid :: બાળક

4. baby :: બાળક


1. adult :: પુખ્ત

Different forms

child, childhood, childhoods, childish, childless, childlike

English to Gujarati Dictionary: child
Meaning and definitions of child, translation in Gujarati language for child with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of child in Gujarati and in English language.

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What child means in Gujarati, child meaning in Gujarati, child definition, examples and pronunciation of child in Gujarati language.

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