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ચિપ, બાષ્પ, ફ્યુમ, તકલાદી, frivolity
છૂંદો કરવો, ચિપ
ચિપ, ક્લિપિંગ, ટુકડો, સેગમેન્ટ, કબર, લખવા

Chip    :ચિપ


Chip - ચિપ

Chips :: ચિપ્સ


Related Words

1. potato chip :: બટાટા વેફર


1. fragment :: ટુકડો

2. nick :: નિક

3. French fries ::

4. counter :: કાઉન્ટર

5. microchip :: માઇક્રોચિપ

6. cow dung :: ગાયનું છાણ

7. splintering ::

8. check :: ચેક

9. potato chip :: બટાટા વેફર

10. bit :: બીટ

11. chip shot :: ચિપ શોટ

12. poker chip :: પોકર ચિપ


13. nick :: નિક

14. break (off) ::

15. whittle :: કમી કરવું

16. knap :: હથોડા વતી તોડવું

17. come off :: છટકવું

Different forms

chip, chips

English to Gujarati Dictionary: chip
Meaning and definitions of chip, translation in Gujarati language for chip with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of chip in Gujarati and in English language.

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What chip means in Gujarati, chip meaning in Gujarati, chip definition, examples and pronunciation of chip in Gujarati language.

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