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અવિશ્વાસી, નાસ્તિક, સંશયાત્મક, શ્રદ્ધાવિહિન, ઇતબાર ન કરનારું, કાયર, શંકાસ્પદ, ભીરું, દીધી, વિમુખ, તૈયાર, અનિચ્છા, તેના ડર થી, શરમાળ
અનિશ્ચિત, અવરોધક, કાયર

Diffident    :કાયર


Diffident - કાયર

Diffidently :: diffidently



1. shy :: શરમાળ

2. bashful :: સંકોચશીલ

3. modest :: વિનમ્ર

4. self-effacing :: સ્વ effacing

5. unassuming :: નમ્ર

6. meek :: ડરપોક

7. unconfident :: unconfident

8. unassertive :: unassertive

9. timid :: ડરપોક

10. timorous :: ભીરું

11. humble :: નમ્ર

12. shrinking ::

13. reticent :: અતડું

14. hesitant :: અચકાતા

15. insecure :: અસુરક્ષિત

16. self-doubting :: સ્વ doubting

17. doubtful :: શંકાસ્પદ

18. uncertain :: અનિશ્ચિત

19. unsure :: અનિશ્ચિત

20. self-conscious :: સ્વ સભાન

21. mousy :: Mousy


1. immodest :: અવિવેકી

2. outgoing :: આઉટગોઇંગ

Different forms

diffident, diffidently

English to Gujarati Dictionary: diffident
Meaning and definitions of diffident, translation in Gujarati language for diffident with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of diffident in Gujarati and in English language.

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What diffident means in Gujarati, diffident meaning in Gujarati, diffident definition, examples and pronunciation of diffident in Gujarati language.

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