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ખાઈ, મોટ, બાંધ, નહેર, મદ, ચાટ, ખાડી, ખાબોચિયું, રાત્રિભોજન, શ્વાનનાં, ઘર, દીવાલ, ધોરો, પસાર

Dike    :બાંધ


Dike - બાંધ

Diked :: diked

Dikes :: ડાઇક્સ

Diking :: diking



1. embankment :: પાળ

2. levee :: તટબંધ

3. ditch :: ખાઈ

4. trench :: ખાઈ

5. gutter :: ગટરમાં


6. dyke :: ડાઇક

Different forms

dike, diked, dikes, diking

English to Gujarati Dictionary: dike
Meaning and definitions of dike, translation in Gujarati language for dike with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dike in Gujarati and in English language.

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What dike means in Gujarati, dike meaning in Gujarati, dike definition, examples and pronunciation of dike in Gujarati language.

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