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વિલંબકારી, ફેબિઅન, behindhand, નીરસ, yawnful, weariful, સુસ્ત, આળસુ, હળવા, નીચા, ધીમી

Dilatory    :વિલંબકારી


Dilatory - વિલંબકારી

Dilators :: dilators


Related Words

1. dilatory :: વિલંબકારી


1. slow :: ધીમી

2. delaying ::

3. laggard :: દીર્ઘસૂત્રી


1. breakneck :: ખતરનાક

2. brisk :: ઝડપી

3. dizzy :: ડીઝી

4. fast :: ઝડપી

5. flying :: ઉડતી

6. hasty :: અવિચારી

7. lightning :: વીજળી

8. meteoric :: ઉલ્કા

9. quick :: ઝડપી

10. rapid :: ઝડપી

11. running :: ચાલી

12. swift :: સ્વીફ્ટ

Different forms

dilators, dilatory

English to Gujarati Dictionary: dilatory
Meaning and definitions of dilatory, translation in Gujarati language for dilatory with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dilatory in Gujarati and in English language.

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What dilatory means in Gujarati, dilatory meaning in Gujarati, dilatory definition, examples and pronunciation of dilatory in Gujarati language.

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