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ઝરમર વરસાદ, ઝરમર ઝરમર વરસવું
ઝરમર વરસાદ

Drizzle    :ઝરમર વરસાદ


Drizzle - ઝરમર વરસાદ

Drizzled :: drizzled

Drizzles :: drizzles

Drizzling :: drizzling


Related Words

1. light drizzle :: પ્રકાશ ઝરમર વરસાદ


1. rain lightly :: હળવાશથી વરસાદ

2. trickle :: ટપકવું

3. mizzle :: ઝરમર ઝરમર વરસવું

4. moisten :: moisten


5. fine rain :: દંડ વરસાદ

6. trickle :: ટપકવું

7. mizzle :: ઝરમર ઝરમર વરસવું

Different forms

drizzle, drizzled, drizzles, drizzling

English to Gujarati Dictionary: drizzle
Meaning and definitions of drizzle, translation in Gujarati language for drizzle with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of drizzle in Gujarati and in English language.

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What drizzle means in Gujarati, drizzle meaning in Gujarati, drizzle definition, examples and pronunciation of drizzle in Gujarati language.

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