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સમર્થન, indorse, આધાર, જાળવવાના, પાછા, justify, પરવાનગી આપે છે, મંજૂર, અધિકૃત, કાયદેસર

Endorse    :સમર્થન


Endorse - સમર્થન

Endorsed :: સમર્થન

Endorsement :: સમર્થન

Endorsements :: ઇન્ડૉર્સમેન્ટ

Endorses :: સમર્થન

Endorsing :: સમર્થન


Related Words

1. endorse a check :: ચેક બાંહેધરી


1. support :: આધાર

2. countersign :: પ્રતિ હસ્તાક્ષર

3. indorse :: indorse

4. certify :: પ્રમાણિત

5. plump for :: માટે ભરાવદાર

6. back :: પાછા

Different forms

endorse, endorsed, endorsement, endorsements, endorses, endorsing

English to Gujarati Dictionary: endorse
Meaning and definitions of endorse, translation in Gujarati language for endorse with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of endorse in Gujarati and in English language.

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What endorse means in Gujarati, endorse meaning in Gujarati, endorse definition, examples and pronunciation of endorse in Gujarati language.

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