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ઘેલછા, ધૂન, ફેન્સી, કાલ્પનિક, phantasy

Fad    :ઘેલછા


Fad - ઘેલછા

Faded :: ઝાંખુ

Fades :: ફેડ્સ

Fading :: વિલીન

Fads :: નુમા


Related Words

1. fad :: ઘેલછા


1. craze :: ક્રેઝ

2. vogue :: પ્રચલિત

3. trend :: વલણ

4. fashion :: ફેશન

5. mode :: સ્થિતિ

6. enthusiasm :: ઉત્સાહ

7. passion :: ઉત્કટ

8. obsession :: વળગાડ

9. mania :: મેનિયા

10. rage :: ક્રોધાવેશ

11. compulsion :: મજબૂરી

12. fixation :: ફિક્સેશન

13. fetish :: fetish

14. fancy :: ફેન્સી

15. whim :: ધૂન

16. fascination :: આકર્ષણની

17. thing :: વસ્તુ

Different forms

fad, fads

English to Gujarati Dictionary: fad
Meaning and definitions of fad, translation in Gujarati language for fad with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fad in Gujarati and in English language.

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What fad means in Gujarati, fad meaning in Gujarati, fad definition, examples and pronunciation of fad in Gujarati language.

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