English to Gujarati Meaning of fret - fret

Fret :

ખંજવાળ, સોય, કબજો છોડાવવો, પરપોટો, મણકો, ફીણ, પ્રવાહિતા, અધીરાઈ, તરંગ, રિપલ, સરકવું, ઊછળતા પાણીની ગતિ અથવા ખળખળ અવાજ, ફ્લોટ

પીંજવું, શ્વાને, ખીજવવું, ઉત્તેજિત, હેરાન, પજવવું, એક્ઝોસ્ટ, કટાઈ જવું, શિકાર, ગાયબ, પાઈન, શરીરે કૃશ કરી નાખવું, રોટ, ખળભળાટ, ખંજવાળ, મુશ્કેલી, અકળાવવું, વધઘટ, ઉશ્કેરાયેલી બની, સ્થળાંતર કરવું, ઊડ્યા વિના બેઠાં બેઠા અથવા બહુ જ ટૂંકા ઉડાણ માં પાંખો ફફડાવવી, અસ્વસ્થપણે હરવું ફરવું, ઘસાઘસ, કૂદી, menacingly બ્રેગ, ધમકાવવું, ખોટી હલફલ, હિંસક ખસેડવા, દૂર પહેરે, કચરો

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Definitions of fret in English
Noun(1) agitation resulting from active worry(2) a spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion(3) an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief(4) a small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument; when the string is stopped by a finger at the metal bar it will produce a note of the desired pitch
Verb(1) worry unnecessarily or excessively(2) be agitated or irritated(3) provide (a musical instrument(4) become or make sore by or as if by rubbing(5) cause annoyance in(6) gnaw into; make resentful or angry(7) carve a pattern into(8) decorate with an interlaced design(9) be too tight; rub or press(10) cause friction(11) remove soil or rock(12) wear away or erode
Examples of fret in English
(1) the bay's black waves fret the seafront(2) Yes, it was bothersome but nothing to fret over too much.(3) Acton sat gazing out the windows, too anxious to do anything but fret about Lombard.(4) What I've learned through the 12-step program I'm in is to release to a higher power the concerns that I fret over.(5) Politicians fret over the rising cost of pensions while careless juveniles, ignoring their own inevitable fate, act as though older people are somehow dim-witted.(6) his absence during her times awake began to fret her(7) You break the rules of your people, invite danger upon yourself and fret your mother.(8) I doubt it'll change what I do, but it continues to fret me.(9) An alarming new survey has found that almost one in four parents fret constantly about whether they have the ability to raise their children properly.(10) I expect they'll be sending us out on a mission soon enough though, so don't fret yourself.(11) an economy in a state of fret and irritation(12) Dick used the drum sticks to bang out the notes on the bass, with Tommy fingering the chords on the fret .(13) She also says that stars who had to return their borrowed designer duds did not have fret about removing sweat stains.(14) Justin said in an encouraging voice ÔÇÿdon't fret Mary, Rebecca will be safe I promise you that.ÔÇÖ(15) For example, if there's a number thirteen on the third line down then you know you've got to put your finger on the thirteenth fret of the third string, and so on.(16) ÔÇÿOkay,ÔÇÖ Chris said, sounding happier. ÔÇÿthe first one goes like this,ÔÇÖ and here he took my fingers, and placed them on the frets and strings that applied.
Related Phrases of fret
(1) to fret ::
ચિંતા કરવા
(2) fret over ::
ઉપર ચિંતા
(3) fret about ::
વિશે fret
1. swither ::
2. worry ::
3. trouble ::
4. choke ::
5. eat into ::
કે ખાવું
6. scratch ::
7. niggle ::
8. chafe ::
9. eat away ::
દૂર ખાય
10. erode ::
ધોઈ નાખવાના
Different Forms
fret, fretful, frets
English to Gujarati Dictionary: fret

Meaning and definitions of fret, translation in Gujarati language for fret with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fret in Gujarati and in English language.

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What fret means in Gujarati, fret meaning in Gujarati, fret definition, examples and pronunciation of fret in Gujarati language.

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