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મિત્ર, સાથી, અંકુર, pard, શુભેચ્છક, કન્ફેડરેટ, સગો, સંબંધિત, આશ્રિત, એક કુટુંબ સભ્ય, શુભ ચિંતક, ભાઈ, પિતરાઇ ભાઇ, પૌત્ર
OPPO, દિલોજાન દોસ્ત, મિત્ર

Friend    :મિત્ર


Friend - મિત્ર

Friendless :: friendless

Friends :: મિત્રો


Related Words


1. companion :: સાથી

2. patron :: આશ્રયદાતા

3. ally :: સાથી

4. quaker :: ક્વેકર

5. acquaintance :: ઓળખાણ

6. supporter :: ટેકેદાર


1. enemy :: દુશ્મન

2. foe :: શત્રુ

Different forms

friend, friendless, friends

English to Gujarati Dictionary: friend
Meaning and definitions of friend, translation in Gujarati language for friend with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of friend in Gujarati and in English language.

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What friend means in Gujarati, friend meaning in Gujarati, friend definition, examples and pronunciation of friend in Gujarati language.

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