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કુચ, મુસાફરી, પ્રસ્થાન, જઈને, હિજરત, શોભાયાત્રા, બે-પગલાની, સીમા, મર્યાદા, માપી આપવું, સરહદ, પરિરેખા
કુચ, outmarch, પરેડ, બુટ, ડ્રાઇવ

March    :કુચ


March - કુચ

Marched :: કૂચ

Marcher :: marcher

Marchers :: ચળવળકારો

Marches :: સુધી

Marching :: કુચ


Related Words


1. hike :: વૃદ્ધિ

2. parade :: પરેડ

3. progress :: પ્રગતિ

4. marching ::

5. mar :: Mar

6. marchland :: marchland


7. stride :: લાંબું ડગલું

8. advance :: આગળ

9. adjoin :: પાસે

10. demonstrate :: નિદર્શન

11. parade :: પરેડ

12. process :: પ્રક્રિયા

Different forms

march, marched, marcher, marchers, marches, marching

English to Gujarati Dictionary: march
Meaning and definitions of march, translation in Gujarati language for march with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of march in Gujarati and in English language.

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What march means in Gujarati, march meaning in Gujarati, march definition, examples and pronunciation of march in Gujarati language.

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