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હિંમત, બહાદુરી, યોગ્યતા, હૃદય, જુસ્સો, રમૂજ, સ્વભાવથી, ભાવના, કુદરત, આદુ, મૂડ, સ્વભાવ, શનગાર, દમ, PEP

Mettle    :યોગ્યતા


Mettle - યોગ્યતા

Mettlesome :: mettlesome



1. spirit :: ભાવના

2. caliber :: કેલિબરની

3. nerve :: જ્ઞાનતંતુ

Different forms

mettle, mettlesome

English to Gujarati Dictionary: mettle
Meaning and definitions of mettle, translation in Gujarati language for mettle with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of mettle in Gujarati and in English language.

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What mettle means in Gujarati, mettle meaning in Gujarati, mettle definition, examples and pronunciation of mettle in Gujarati language.

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Adjective :: ધુમ્મસિયું, ઝાકળવાળું, ભેજવાળું, ભીના, ધૂંધળું, અસ્પષ્ટ, ઝાંખું, રહસ્યવાદી, ભૂતિયું, સંદિગ્ધ, , સ્મોકી, વરાળ, હવામાં રહેલો ભેજ
Meaning :: ઝાકળવાળું
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