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દરખાસ્ત, તક, દરખાસ્તના, ઓવરચર, ટેન્ડર, બોલી, માર્ગ, પાથ, અલબત્ત, પાથવે, શરૂઆત, લૉન્ચ, આરંભ, ઉદઘાટન
ઓવરચર, વાટાઘાટ, palaver

Overture    :ઓવરચર


Overture - ઓવરચર

Overtures :: વાત


Related Words


1. prelude :: શરૂઆત

2. preliminary :: પ્રારંભિક

3. (opening) move ::

4. advance :: આગળ

Different forms

overture, overtures

English to Gujarati Dictionary: overture
Meaning and definitions of overture, translation in Gujarati language for overture with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of overture in Gujarati and in English language.

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What overture means in Gujarati, overture meaning in Gujarati, overture definition, examples and pronunciation of overture in Gujarati language.

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