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વાછરડો, સાધન, ઉપર ચઢો, પંક્તિ, Slap, Plop, કફ, ખાનપાનગૃહ, ભીંજાયેલું
સાધન, હલેસું, પેર્ચ, લાકડી

Paddle    :સાધન


Paddle - સાધન

Paddled :: paddled

Paddles :: પેડલ્સ

Paddling :: paddling


Related Words

1. paddle steamer :: સાધન સ્ટીમર


1. oar :: હલેસું


2. row gently :: પંક્તિ ધીમેધીમે

3. splash about :: લગભગ સ્પ્લેશ

4. larrup :: larrup

5. coggle :: coggle

6. dabble :: છબછબિયાં કરવાં

Different forms

paddle, paddled, paddles, paddling

English to Gujarati Dictionary: paddle
Meaning and definitions of paddle, translation in Gujarati language for paddle with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of paddle in Gujarati and in English language.

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What paddle means in Gujarati, paddle meaning in Gujarati, paddle definition, examples and pronunciation of paddle in Gujarati language.

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