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રોબોટ, ઓટોમેશનના

Robot    :રોબોટ


Robot - રોબોટ

Robotic :: રોબોટિક

Robotics :: રોબોટિક્સ

Robotize :: robotize

Robotizes :: robotizes

Robots :: રોબોટ્સ


Related Words

1. industrial robot :: ઔદ્યોગિક રોબોટ


1. automaton :: ઓટોમેશનના

2. android :: Android

3. golem :: ગોલેમ

4. bot :: બોટ

5. droid :: Droid

Different forms

robot, robotic, robotics, robotize, robotizes, robots

English to Gujarati Dictionary: robot
Meaning and definitions of robot, translation in Gujarati language for robot with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of robot in Gujarati and in English language.

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What robot means in Gujarati, robot meaning in Gujarati, robot definition, examples and pronunciation of robot in Gujarati language.

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