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ઠીંગણું અને મજબૂત, મજબૂત, જાડા-સમૂહ

Stocky    :મજબૂત


Stocky - મજબૂત

Stockyard :: પશુવાડો

Stockyards :: stockyards



1. thickset :: સ્થૂળ

2. sturdy :: મજબૂત

3. heavily built :: ભારે આંતરિક

4. chunky :: ઠીંગણું અને મજબૂત

5. burly :: ખડતલ કદાવર

6. strapping :: સ્ટ્રેપિંગ

7. brawny :: તાકાતવાન

8. solid :: ઘન

9. heavy :: ભારે

10. heavyset :: heavyset

11. hefty :: જંગી

12. beefy :: માંસલ

13. blocky :: બ્લોકી

Different forms

stocky, stockyard, stockyards

English to Gujarati Dictionary: stocky
Meaning and definitions of stocky, translation in Gujarati language for stocky with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of stocky in Gujarati and in English language.

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What stocky means in Gujarati, stocky meaning in Gujarati, stocky definition, examples and pronunciation of stocky in Gujarati language.

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