English to Gujarati Meaning :: wholesome

તંદુરસ્ત, આરોગ્યવર્ધક, પથ્યઆરોગ્યદાયક
Wholesome :
- આરોગ્યવર્ધકઅનિચ્છનીયwholesomelyઆરોગ્યવર્ધકતાને

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Adjective(1) conducive to or characteristic of physical or moral well-being(2) sound or exhibiting soundness in body or mind

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(1) There is an element of righteous anger, especially when a purveyor of a wholesome family image is the guilty party.(2) They took the name Bare Earth for their business to reflect their wish to produce good, natural, wholesome foods.(3) It's a tragically satisfying hobby that offers a never-ending source of wholesome fun.(4) Everyone loves the wholesome nutrition of vegetables, but is there really much of that in frozen mixed veggies?(5) Our center will provide a way for them to learn the art of clean, wholesome living and social responsibility.(6) Even Florida taxi drivers like their players wholesome and squeaky-clean.(7) Not enough wholesome movies are made today, so it's nice to be reminded that such movies exist.(8) Buying wholesome , healthy ingredients and cooking them at home is so simple.(9) They should point out the benefits of a wholesome and balanced diet and the harm from eating too much junk food.(10) The bible talks about thinking about things that are pure and wholesome and good.(11) It's not really wholesome stuff, but it can be nutritious enough for a cat that can't eat dry kibble.(12) And thinking specifically of the terribly wholesome , fairly traded, organic peanut butter we have here?(13) The parent can then suggest wholesome alternatives to achieve the same end.(14) Another alternative is 100 per cent rye bread, which is relatively wholesome and nutritious.(15) Though we may have started out extending a wholesome influence on only one person, that influence could expand to many others.(16) From this standpoint, rural people and their culture represent a negation of everything that is wholesome and pure about nature.
Related Words
(1) wholesome food ::
તંદુરસ્ત ખોરાક
1. healthy ::
2. health-giving ::
આરોગ્ય આપવાની
3. healthful ::
5. nutritious ::
6. nourishing ::
7. natural ::
8. uncontaminated ::
9. organic ::
1. ailing ::
લથડી ગયેલા
2. ill ::
3. sick ::
4. unfit ::
5. unhealthy ::
6. unsound ::
Different Forms
unwholesome, wholesome, wholesomely, wholesomeness
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