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:: Tobacco is one of the most addictive drugs available and by far the deadliest overall:: In short humanity faces a growing global mental illness crisis of epidemic proportions:: Mold can be cleaned off surfaces with a weak bleach solution:: Ventricular tachycardia carries a serious adverse prognosis particularly in the presence of coronary artery disease and impaired ventricular function:: One player who walks into the gym and all her teammates are a little afraid of what she might do next:: :: :: The book was written for practicing and teaching pathologists but it should also be appealing to radiologists medical and surgical oncologists and radiotherapists :: So they use the public sector not to provide services but to dispense patronage they use trade protection to distribute favours:: Would people reject me just because Im too pale my nose is too long and my hair too light:: He has apparently given up drugs on three or four occasions but he has relapsed :: He reported he felt better making her wonder about the benefits of increased circulation as a curative :: In the shortterm we will change the way dentists are remunerated for treating patients:: :: Parish directors and lay ministers are asked to prepare candidates for baptism or marriage then to step aside when a priest arrives to administer the sacraments:: In dissent Justice Harry Blackmun noted that a number of states as well as the federal government were letting Native Americans use peyote without any evident adverse effect on law enforcement or the health of the users:: Life was good in a dissipated and decadent perpetuallysozzled sort of way:: This can happen due to variety of reasons the commonest being smoking or chewing tobacco :: Pedro is a breath away from signing with the Mets:: If there isnt enough time to figure this out well see disorder in the market next year she said:: The dispensary with its scores of bottles containing different coloured medicines on the shelves has been left just as Alf would have found it in the 1950s:: Less rugged and robust than debonair and sophisticated he attracted modern independent women who appreciated his flair:: Yesterday an old man collapsed in the toilet and Amelia ran out to fetch the ward sister :: A long period is needed for pharmaceutical drugs to acquire marketing approval:: Most pharmacists who suspect a drug is being abused either refuse to sell the product or claim it is out of stock:: They can be bought overthecounter at pharmacies and health food shops:: Early diagnosis of tuberculosis is an important arm in the control of tuberculosis :: A downhill tuck lets you slice through the wind maintaining speed while you recover from the climb:: He was angry now sore as a skunk and with enough whisky inside him to keep Jim Beam going for ten years or so
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