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:: Umbilical tapes are placed around the SVC and IVC cannulas to hold the cannulas and tourniquets in place during surgery:: The gelding was an 18length winner that day but failed to build on his success by trailing home fifth of six in an Ascot handicap on his most recent start:: I was born with one arm and some would say I am handicapped or disabled:: Youre absolutely indisputably rotten to the bone:: Place the tape on the inside of the roll line and hand stitch firmly in place on both long edges:: When we moved the 10 everyone said the dull and stodgy BBC would get hammered every night by ITN he said:: Whether the object of destruction by the medical monopoly be homeopaths midwives chiropractors or internet prescribers the purge is conducted in the same manner:: Ayurvedic medicine and homoeopathy are popular in India:: To deepen the stretch slowly extend arms and round spine forward letting the weight of the torso fall forward:: If not and if some want to draw lots to choose a sacrificial victim may they force everyone to join in:: Bemusement uncertainty insecurity affliction are all tokens of an unremitting struggle however stylish the words are always about something they are never in vacuo or for display:: Avoid at all costs unless you are a codependent who likes to feel maladjusted :: Too often researchers say physical incapacity is prolonged by depression and fear when gentle exercise and behavioural therapy can break a cycle of inactivity:: An effort also should be made by the surgeon to avoid placing a surgical incision through a preexisting wound:: It took several years before the legislation was drawn up and passed to put into effect a body that must tackle without fear or favour allegations of corruption mismanagement and graft :: This argument for fatalism does not commit the same fallacy that is use the same invalid argument as the first one that I gave:: Caffeine for example is a powerful stimulant while the nicotine in cigarettes is a sedative:: Were not allowed to film coffins being offloaded at Dover Air Force Base where the national mortuary is:: He hoped she would go back with him and give him a chance to mend the differences between them if he could only figure them out:: I wish it were as light and soft as it looks then it would make a really interesting new kind of mattress:: Many surgeons working in private practice and in cosmetic clinics would not meet these criteria:: Patients were last night due to discuss plans to set up three separate doctors surgeries in Westbury:: Thus motivation scores on admission to treatment are related significantly to entry into postprison aftercare :: He received a number of stitches for knife wounds to his chest and arm:: As the blood supply for the scalp is so good any knock received tends to bleed profusely resulting in blood everywhere and bruising as a result:: An instrument called a speculum the same as used for a smear test is sometimes used:: In Florence he met the Italian Futurists yet unlike them he was less interested in speed and movement than in the effects of colour and light in his work
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