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:: The temperature of the lava about 1500 kelvins is similar to that of the hottest volcanoes on Earth:: In the native forests of the Oregon Cascades hemlocks cedars maples many fir and pine species and others are intermingled among the dominant Douglas fir:: There are too many critics who revel in slinging mud and inflicting verbal pain:: However from Karadi to Dandi the land is arid and the vegetation scrubby:: It was made from wood and had a high arching roof with haylofts to either side almost like a barn:: Ownership of land includes the airspace above it unless there are limitations on the title:: The secret they say is to pull the trigger of the 12 bore shotgun the instant the bird is spotted:: In the same year the Hawaiian Islands Spain England and Latin America are also devastated by seaquakes and floods:: an electron density map:: It could be that they were bound to the distant shores of Africa or Brazil:: Black bears may be seen best by boat in May and June as they forage for crabs and fish along shorelines at low tide:: His eyes opened revealing cold blue orbs sparkling with an inner light:: Dedicated artworld globetrotters will have to plan their biennial jaunts wisely this year:: Do they choose plain girls with no education or sense of style and who will happily consider going to McDonalds on Saturday night:: At times one could be forgiven for thinking that there would be no more land left to stake a mineral claim on:: Once PRR made the commitment to dieselize it tried to find an application for the Tl on roads still committed to coal burning steam locomotives such as CampO:: Although it reduced the power of the landowner small absentee landowners emerged:: They were green pilots and didnt have a lick over two months of training:: With erosion on the windward slope and deposition in the lee the dune body moves in a downwind direction:: :: From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial you saw a sea of humanity:: At eight sites the soil texture was loam or light clay:: The route almost continuous Zbends on the edge of precipices is one few drivers are willing to risk:: This means that as the annual number of days with precipitation will tend to fall the possibility of convective rainfall leading to copious rainfall in torrential rains will increase:: Yellow Jasmines are little coned shape flowers that you can find growing like a vine on trees:: People in Tanzania cook using firewood at home with smog around them:: It showed the burning house with thick smoke all around it
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