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ઓપ, ચળકાટમાં, ચળકાટ, પોલીશ, સ્પાર્કલ
ઓપ, પોલીશ, પુનરુદ્ધાર કરવો, ઓપવું, ભંગાર, ચમકવા

Burnish    :ઓપ


Burnish - ઓપ

Burnished :: તાપને સહન

Burnisher :: burnisher

Burnishers :: burnishers

Burnishes :: burnishes

Burnishing :: ઘસવું



1. gloss :: ચળકાટ

2. polish :: પોલીશ

3. glossiness ::


4. polish :: પોલીશ

5. shine :: ચમકવા

6. buff :: અડગ

7. rub :: ઓપવું

8. gloss :: ચળકાટ

Different forms

burnish, burnished, burnisher, burnishers, burnishes, burnishing

English to Gujarati Dictionary: burnish
Meaning and definitions of burnish, translation in Gujarati language for burnish with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of burnish in Gujarati and in English language.

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What burnish means in Gujarati, burnish meaning in Gujarati, burnish definition, examples and pronunciation of burnish in Gujarati language.

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