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ચિકન, ચિકન માંસ, પક્ષીનું બચ્ચું, કૉક, Poult, ચક, મરઘો
પક્ષીનું બચ્ચું, ચિકન, સંતાન, બાળક, Moppet, કિડ્ડી

Chicken    :ચિકન


Chicken - ચિકન

Chickened :: chickened

Chickening :: chickening

Chickens :: ચિકન


Related Words


1. hen :: મરઘી

2. fowl :: મરઘું

3. poultry :: મરઘાં


4. yellow-bellied :: પીળા સમડી

5. lily-livered :: લીલી-livered

6. white-livered :: બાયલો

7. chickenhearted :: chickenhearted

8. yellow :: પીળા


1. hero :: હીરો

2. stalwart :: સદીઓ જૂના અંગે પક્ષપાતભરી

3. valiant :: પરાક્રમી

Different forms

chicken, chickened, chickening, chickens

English to Gujarati Dictionary: chicken
Meaning and definitions of chicken, translation in Gujarati language for chicken with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of chicken in Gujarati and in English language.

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What chicken means in Gujarati, chicken meaning in Gujarati, chicken definition, examples and pronunciation of chicken in Gujarati language.

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Meaning :: ઉત્સાહ, આનંદ, સંતોષવું, ફરી શરૂ
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