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Clutch - (ક્લચ) :: He was a scrappy aggressive competitor and dangerous in the clutch

Donkey - (ગધેડો) :: Because of them hundreds of other horses donkeys and mules will be saved and will know love

Rattlesnake - (રેટલસ્નેક) :: Most rattlesnakes are peaceable retiring animals that flee for the underbrush when they encounter humans

Gander - (મૂઢ) :: There is a growing school of thought that what is sauce for the goose may be poison for the gander


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Twenty - (વીસ) :: However the biggest sign of political pulling power is the ability to gather twenty or thirty people to gaze outwardly at the TV cameras from behind the leader while he is speaking

Twice - (બે વાર) :: Two students who went to her aid were shot one in the leg the other twice in the stomach

Twin - (ટ્વીન) :: He could have just been a twin to the smaller man

Twist - (ટ્વિસ્ટ) :: he handed her a twist of paper

Twisted - (ટ્વિસ્ટેડ) :: He was a bipolar twisted mess of a man


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Quagmire - (કળણ) :: One facet of this tragedy is the absence of visionary leadership capable of leading humanity out of its quagmire

Quaint - (અનોખું) :: It was not until the next night in a quaint old bar in Amsterdam that the wonder of the whole trip hit me

Qualm - (ખટકો) :: He also added that he would have no qualms about seeking expenses for the trip

Quandary - (મૂંઝવણ) :: I find myself in a quandary of sorts and wonder if you have any advice or insights you may be able to offer a youngish aspiring writer of fiction for the screen

Quarantine - (સંસર્ગનિષેધ) :: Patients are considered contagious and should remain in quarantine until all scabs separate


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Linger (લંબાવું) :: Dont linger in the doorway as it is considered rude

Deacon (ડેકોન) :: In fact there were a few evangelicals sprinkled here and there a deacon from Alabama a minister from Maryland or a faithbased community service leader in a few states

Tomboy (છોકરાઓ માટેની પરંપરાગત પ્રવૃત્તિઓ અને રમતોમાં ભાગ લેનારી યુવતી) :: During her early years when her tomboyishness caused some kids to pick on her she developed an inferiority complex when it came to her looks

Consumptive (ક્ષયરોગવાળું) :: Every gallon of water consumptively used is not available somewhere else in the system where it would otherwise have existed

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