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:: He found that thousands of infected machines are contacting a USbased server daily and a portion of these are writing to a keylogger file which is periodically harvested by cybercriminals :: In fact if youre about to confess to an affair and you havent given your wife flowers in the last ten years a lavish bouquet will probably get the message across without you having to do any talking at all:: Lest the Gods of Indie strike me down I have a confession to make that could well ruin the few hip credentials in my possession:: But is not the place and manner of confinement of a prisoner under sentence a matter wholly for the Executive:: As Ive noted before and noted today in my column there is still no system for tracking criminal illegal alien felons and other inmates:: Some of these crimes are misdemeanors others are felonies of various degrees:: One of the five detained during the weekend was held in St Vincent on Friday by two local policemen one from Homicide the other a detective:: The roundsmen raced from house to house arms laden with milk bottles while the horses ambled steadily forwards:: Nevertheless marketers are increasingly eager to tout their wares to Broadways captive audience:: :: The Governments provision of a limited amount of more money is welcome:: From here it was basically downhill though with occasional reprieves :: The success rate was not as high as we would have liked but it was significantly cheaper than incarcerating them in prison:: It took several years before the legislation was drawn up and passed to put into effect a body that must tackle without fear or favour allegations of corruption mismanagement and graft :: I dont draw attention to myself in public and therefore I dont think Im fair game for anyone to investigate me:: At the height of the demonstrations we were called up from our South London nick to support the Norfolk guys:: A crossword is just a set of blank spaces so how did he know the clue referred to him:: The three guards were detained and questioned after which the security firm suspended one pending the outcome of the inquiry:: In some cases Egypt has often refused to acknowledge that detainees are in its custody:: What held my attention however was the appeal in his eyes:: Having huge 63 foot high telecommunications poles despoiling our environment is not acceptable to residents:: Those with prior travel on public affairs passports are not eligible for this programme:: Terrorism has to be fought with knowledge with surveillance and intelligence:: In all the bombing mission cost the Eighth Air Force 37 heavy bombers and six fighter aircraft:: Most new garage door openers have builtin security codes that are hard for crooks to crack electronically:: Then he discovered that some of those hires were fleecing the business through a combination of pilferage and outright theft that added up to tens of thousands of dollars:: Whenever and wherever the US government imprisons someone the courts should be able to review it
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