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:: In a mixing bowl beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth:: audit report:: He was the pick of the performers last season at halfback and stood out as one of the better players in a team that has taken a battering weekin and weekout:: You might get pickpocketed because you wouldnt know young children are more adept at it than older ones:: And hes an enthusiastic advocate of online technology:: If this is not bad enough a large percentage of women sentenced to prison on parole violations have not committed any new crimes but rather were returned for not passing their urine tests:: both turned supergrass and were the main prosecution witnesses:: There is also a list of water channel superintendents and chief royal architects:: At earlier hearings magistrates have had to order him to stay in the cells because of his outbursts in court:: A personal representative has an action of account as the testator or intestate might have had if he or she had lived:: He has never once been granted a furlough even to attend his mothers funeral:: divorce by mutual consent:: Police authorities whose bobbies wear helmets for patrols will be given shorter stronger ones next year:: the plan is to charge headlong at the enemy:: In such electrically passive topologies the lasers and receivers are located remotely from the sensor arrays and interrogate the sensors via fiberoptic links:: He would have to answer written interrogatories :: According to the Independent a police lieutenant declared at the hotel yesterday that he had stationed snipers around the building and would kill anyone who attempted to leave:: a life of Shelley:: He accepts his dedication to his sport has so far condemned him to a single life:: Fatal reactions are rare but four deaths meticulously documented in a Swedish study beg caution:: The clinical diagnosis of this syndrome is challenging and the diagnosis is limited to patients who have been autopsied :: Before most lifers die in prison they grow old get sick and must be cared for:: It has given the security department a lift and it is encouraging that there is now a serious deterrent he said:: The vacancies at the top with just two deputy commissioners managing the show has slowed down the administration:: The escapees sawed through bars in the exercise yard to gain their freedom:: At its most basic canyoning is following a river along its course through a gulley:: To avoid any future problems he is recommending that joint submissions on behalf of colleagues should be countersigned by the councillors concerned:: She said she was lucky because state prosecutors advised the court to reject the case
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