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:: There could be no question of returning any of the church lands confiscated in 1790 and since sold off:: If you feel there will be no strikethrough or bleeding issues hang your new paper:: Im sorry Emily but in my eyes all Mail Order Bride services can be likened to pimping :: Sara brushed some curls from the cherub face and gave her nose a gentle pinch :: The 2000strong police and military force arrived in the Solomons two weeks ago:: The legislation to allow us to send children undercover didnt include the selling of alcohol until December:: However the claims of the developers are laced with lies and is suspected to be violative of the biosafety regulations:: Two weeks after the minister had spun out hope for a new thrust against gangland bloodshed the killings only steadily increased:: Northern Ireland is full of filthy rich gangsters using terrorism to generate their empires:: A flagship London heart hospital was forced to close for two weeks after 45 staff and patients became ill with a diarrhoea bug :: Reports say that the Essonne region south of the capital and the southwestern city of Toulouse are the latest to be affected:: Soon there will be bitter regret at all the public land being squandered irredeemably:: In the April 6 issue there appears an article under the byline of staffer Handrie Basson:: The electrons that are shared by the atoms to form the bond belong to one of these molecular orbitals:: Feeling his strength renewed he cast aside his staff and walked steadily upon lush green grass :: Motorists have paid the price of deteriorating roads with damage to their vehicles:: I got caught in the match traffic half hour drive to go 3 miles:: Not content to leave it at that the gang of hoodlums chased after the drunken trio:: It is actually not such an exercise in glorious outlawry as all that:: They focus more upon good oldfashioned detective work to solve the crime of the week:: teachers were divided as to the effectiveness of detention:: Rather than openly contemplating patricide shouldnt you be identifying with your father so as to accommodate your Oedipal impulses:: Set in a world that saw actual costumed vigilantes appear in real life as opposed to the funny books we are treated to a view of the superhero as outcast:: One is through sense perception and the other through a direct sort of apprehension of existence:: he didnt get appropriate training:: we just couldnt come to an agreement:: Yes we should know that there are terrorists who have ideas and plans to do us harm:: I have a profound sense of respect for the inherent qualities of these images and work outward from there:: we had to recommend the grant or refusal of broadcasting licenses
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